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Juicing Vs Blending – What’s the difference

Blending vs juicing

If you are keen enough, you notice that people are juicing more than ever! And that has probably left you wondering what juicing is all about and whether it’s for you, or not. Or even, what is the difference between juicing and blending?

Should you be blending or juicing? In this article, we give you a clear understanding of the two aspects so that you know what your body needs.

Fresh fruits and beetroot

First, some people will often use the two terms interchangeably in oblivion. Well, the truth is that juicing and blending are different process and the end product is also different. As a matter of fact, the tools used in two processes are also different.

However, juicing and blending are similar in that they both involve fruits and vegetables.

Juicing Vs Blending

So what’s blending? In very simple terms, blending is whereby the end product in most cases is a thick pulp that contains fibre. In blending, nothing is lost. The only thing that changes is the state of your fruits and vegetables – from solids to liquids. You use a blender in this process and end up with a smoothie.

On the other hand, juicing leaves you with a light liquid and without the fibre. In juicing, you squeeze out (cold press) the juice and get rid of the fibre. In this process, you will need to use a juicer which is often more expensive compared to a blender.

Do I juice or blend?

Purple cabbage smoothie

Now, you realize that the end product of the two processes are quite different. You might choose to either blend your fruits and vegetables or juice them depending on your preference as well as the results you intend to achieve.

For instance, some people find that it’s difficult to take smoothies due to their thickness nature. Or, others would rather take a light, almost water-like fluid. If this sounds like you, then you are better of juicing. However, if you want to stay satiated for longer, you might consider blending so that you don’t lose the fibre.

difference between blending and juicing
Fresh smoothie

Some scientists also believe that our bodies do a better job at absorbing juices than blends or having whole fruits and vegetables.

Bottom line

Whether you will be blending or juicing your fruits and veggies, it’s all good. And, even if you choose to eat your vegetables and fruits in whole, the most important bit is that you feed your body with healthy food.

So, happy juicing or blending!

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